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FiXs featured in Common Defense Quarterly, Fall 2010
Coordinating the sensitive data to make a worldwide identity management system work can be complex and expensive. That's why interested parties have joined together to form federated identity management systems that establish standards, ensure security and pool resources so users can operate efficiently in a secure virtual environment. These federations have the ability to provide interoperable-international access across the world without the need for additional sets of credentials. This will drastically reduce the costs of identity management by issuing users only one set of credentials to access multiple physical or logical areas. This eliminates the need to carry dozens of identity cards and keep track of long lists of usernames and passwords.
One example is the Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs), founded in 2004 to provide government and industry partners with an identity management model and governance structure based on operating rules focusing on business processes and enabling technologies. See the entire Article, begining on page 17.

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    FiXs receives positive feedback from DoD regarding Fort Belvoir Pilot
    February 4, 2010, Gary Motsek, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, letter to Brigadier General Rodney L. Johnson, Provost Marshal General: "Had we had this industry partnership in place for the initial entry into Iraq and the subsequent build up in Afghanistan, we would have easily eliminated time-intensive processing for contractors and reduced government management tasks for issuance and collection of the common access card (CAC). The department has been criticized by the investigative agencies for failure to properly vet, issue and collect the CAC after a contractor's deployment.
    Our office continues to work with the appropriate organizations to ensure the department's policy allows this important partnership with industry to move forward. This will remain a key capabilities multiplier in preparing for future contingencies and interagency missions. My office will recommend and support expanded tests in other CONUS locations like Hampton Roads, VA or other similar military areas where multi-service and DOD contractors operate.
    Thank you for supporting DoD's first FiXs pilot test. I look forward to your continued support." View the entire letter and the Consolidated Final Report.

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